Orthopaedics (MIMS JOINTS)


(A comprehensive centre for Bone and Joints Diseases & Sports Medicine)
The Greek words, ‘Orthos’ meaning straight or correct and ‘Paideion’ meaning child, were combined to coin the term Orthopaedics way back in 1741 to describe the art of correcting and preventing deformities in children. However the specialty of Orthopaedics, developed to one, dealing with injuries and diseases of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.

With the changing world, the spectrum of the diseases and injuries to these vital structures is fast expanding, so also the management modalities. Now a stage has come that the management of these illnesses are beyond the scope of a single doctor.

What is now needed is a team of dedicated Orthopaedicians, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, Paramedical staff and Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care experts.

With this in mind and with the vision of providing high quality, state-of-the-art comprehensive Orthopaedic care at affordable costs, we at MIMS, Kottakkal present before you … the “MIMS JOINTS”.

MIMS JOINTS is envisioned as a premier centre offering the latest in Orthopaedics. All major Ortho-surgical procedures, including the most current arthroscopic and reconstructive surgeries and major joint replacements will be available at affordable rates benefitting patients of all strata of life.

MIMS JOINTS team comprises of renowned and well experienced Ortho-surgeons, backed by well trained team of nurses, physiotherapists, medical and rehabilitative specialists and well equipped state - of - the - art operation theatres and all necessary modern amenities.

Major treatments offered

Joint Replacements
We at MIMS JOINTS offer a comprehensive solution to joint problems including the time tested & reliable options of total joint replacement (Arthroplasty) for Hip/Knee/Shoulder and other reparable joints.

Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine is a sub-specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery, dealing with all sports related injuries. The aim of sports medicine is to treat the injuries with least restriction to activities and quick recovery back to normal and active sports life.

Shoulder Surgeries
The shoulder is the most complex and unstable joint in the body, which can get easily injured. Open surgeries to the shoulder joint is bound to have post -operative problems mainly joint stiffness and pain. Shoulder Arthroscopy can provide an effective and less invasive way to deal with most of the shoulder problems.

MIMS JOINTS aims at providing comprehensive surgeries for shoulder disorders including arthroscopic rotator cuff & Bankarts repair. Here we are performing Total and Partial shoulder replacement surgeries.

Major causes of joint disorders

  • Degenerative arthritis (80% due to old ageing)
  • Increased stress in life in our country has increased the incidence by 10 folds
  • Traumatic arthritis – Due to injuries
  • Congenital Problems – Deranging the joints
  • Paediatric problems - AVN, Perthe’s disease, trauma
List of doctors

Dr. Faisal M Iqbal
Senior Consultant
Dr. Abdul Hakeem M
MBBS, D.Ortho, MRCS.Edinburgh
Senior Consultant
Dr. Janees M C
MBBS , D Ortho ,MS
Orthopaediac Surgeon
Dr. Mohamed Mohsin Edavath
MBBS, MS ( Orthopaedics)
Orthopaedic Surgeon