Pulmonology Deals with Diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the lungs and respiratory system.The respiratory medicine specialists diagnose and treat various diseases of lungs. In connection with Critical Care Department by the help of invasive and non-invasive ventilators the department is able to manage chronic and acute respiratory illness; and conditions include acute and chronic respiratory failure such as sepsis, asthma, environmental and occupational pulmonary diseases, lung cancer and tuberculosis. This department has been regularly receiving patients from Northern Kerala. Specialists specialized nursing and technical staff of this department has been able to provide comprehensive care of international standards.
  • Allergic conditions like asthma, allergic rhinitis are dealt by the respiratory specialists with the help of the full fledge allergy testing facilities and pulmonary function lab.
  • Videobronchoscopy helps to diagnose various diseases of lungs like malignancy, infections. And we have facilities for transbronchial+ needle aspiration and biopsy.
  • Various lung conditions requiring surgery are managed with the help of cardiothoracic surgery department.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation programme for chronic lung disease
  • Trained respiratory therapist service for rehabilitation, chest physiotherapy and in acute respiratory care.
Services Offered
  •  Video-bronchoscopy
  •  Pulmonary function testing
  •  Allergy testing
  •  Non invasive ventilators 
  • Invasive ventilators
  • ICU Bronchoscopy
  • Facilities for polysomnography( sleep study)
  • Medical thoracoscopy for  disease
  • Paediatric fibroptic bronchoscopy
List of doctors

Dr Gasanfar Shaik